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    You can choose two versions: Disabled Base Jump or Limited Base Jump. Disabled Base Jump is coming handy for any other mods like the fly mod.Limited Base jump is coming handy for bases, so if you jump down, you won't enter base jumping, but you can still base jump.You can choose one of the two. Did you see any bugs? Feel free to post them. I am giving credits to Jusupov for helping me a bit. More info in the readme.txt 😉 Click…

    November 30, -0001
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    Super Fire Truck Beta 1

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    Well, here it is. After spend 3 days, i am proud to introduce the super fire truck!What does it add? The firetruck will be more stable. Also, the firetruck will go faster, and it is a bit stronger. It adds more armor and health, wheels won't brake anymore.Your handbrake is your brake now. Don't use the normal brake, because the truck will crash and you will get nightmares.I've encountered a bug, what can i do? You can post your bug in the forum thread.It's a beta,…

    November 30, -0001