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    This is my pick of "WATER" textures to work together to match in color without being to dull or to vibrant.   Gradient from JC3 Mod Pack (Fixed was saved in 8bit - now in 24bit). Water God Rays and Mask, & Water Bump (unedited) from JC Remastered (Adjusted Hue and Saturation). (Hand picked from real photo and edited by me.) (An extremely detailed texture borrowed from No Man's Sky (don't laugh!) Credits: To all Original Authors/Artist. *NOTE*…

    August 8, 2017
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    All new texture from a royalty free web search. It's been modified by me with Photoshop and made a normal to match. I was not sure if the road used it or not but when I forgot to put the new one in during testing the texture looked grainy. Replacing with a the proper file fixed that effect, the new texture also tiles better. Road Texture = 2048x2048 Road Normal = 1024x1024 ALL CREDITS to Original Author. To use this…

    July 28, 2017
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    JC2 Sun - More Photorealistic

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    Unhappy with the sun from vanilla and or other mods here on the site, I present my personal re-texture of the "SUN". The sun will still appear bigger or brighter under certain weather conditions, cloud cover, etc. *UPDATE* Made sun bigger, removed white HAZE from sun_gradient. Also updated the main thumbnail with fixed Sky Gradient. The sun was from a quick web search, and the sunbeam was taken from a skyrim more realistic sun mod. All credits to original artwork…

    August 5, 2017