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    My personal little modpack.   This contains the following mods Those guys are tough - This does exactly that what the name says. It increases health of the enemy and also removes the possibility for them to carry handguns as it has been created with my Personal weapons tweaks. JustDoItNow's Personal Weapon Tweaks - My favourite and all other weapons i was thinking of got some enhancements. It also contains the weapon_upgrades.bin for users to tweak whatever they dislike. Yes,…

    June 23, 2020
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    The Dread Signature Gun

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    Rico has always loved his signature gun. Now the Agency has developed an advanced version which can(optionally) create laser explosions. This modified version has greater damage, increased clip size but it has lower fire rate, as it's AoE and damage is fairly big. It has also been renamed to "The Dread". Basic non-laser explosion uses grenade one for the laser one to work properly. Used Gibbed's tools to extract and Notepad++ to edit. You must own the "Signature gun" DLC…

    January 20, 2020
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    For those, who always wondered if the President tried to enhance his soldiers. Lore: One day, the President, our beloved dwarf-sized, murderous Pandak Panay got an idea. He wanted to try his special genetical research, and intended to do the tests on his lesser government troops. So he got some squads called in, told them they are going to be enhanced and ordered them to undergo the test. After a few applications, the soldiers started to gain in size and…

    January 20, 2020
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    Hi there, this is mod which upgrade(a bit) the targeting and clip size of the Multi-lock Rocketlauncher. I have made it to have 100 lock-ons and 12500 ammo per clip, so you can shoot at the 100 targets(if you get that much)   It's my first mod, so don't be angry if it crashes

    April 2, 2018