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    Gibbed's Tool Pack r138

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    Gibbed Tool Pack REV.138Contains :Gibbed Archive ViewerGibbed Bin to XML Converter (command line)Gibbed XML to Bin Converter (command line)Gibbed SmallPack (command line)Gibbed SmallUnpack (command line)Does NOT contain:Gibbed ModelViewerGibbed ModelViewer2Documentations (see SVN) SVN repository (for the latest stuff): http://svn.gib.me/public/avalanche/trunk/ Helpful documentation: http://svn.gib.me/public/avalanche/trunk/docs/ Quick tool info: ArchiveViewer - Allows extraction of .arc/tabs. bin2xml - Converts .bin format files to an .xml format xml2bin - Converts those .xmls back into the .bin format SmallUnpack - Unpacks small archives (SARC). SmallPack - Creates small…

    November 30, -0001