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    EnriksD8's DLC Weapon Tweaks

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    Hello, I am back with another weapon mod, this time for the DLC Weapons! Now, I have played Just Cause 2¬†in its vanilla state with all the DLC installed. After testing out the DLC weapons, I can't help but be disappointed at how some perform. So, after some careful modding with help from the guide of the Just Cause Wiki, I was able to get these mods primed and ready for public use. [Weapons Available] 1.) DMR-50 Bullseye¬†- A bridge…

    August 2, 2020
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    This is my personal weapon tweaking mod. Most of the weapons you can carry now have auto-aim and increased parameters (Including damage, magazine capacity, and range of the projectiles). Nothing too unrealistic has been added (Like making the revolvers shoot rockets and whatnot), so it doesn't break the Hollywood feel Just Cause 2 has (Well, not break it TOO much, just slightly). Weapons available in the Black Market are as follows: [The 6-Star/Level-6 Versions are described as best as possible]…

    August 2, 2020