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    I've been hearing about how much people love the 'Crazy Civilian AI' mod, as well as the Traffic Control mod. A few comments were asking when Someone would release a version of CCA with the same traffic as TC. I decided to fulfill that and make this mod.   I did NOT make the original Traffic Control mod or the Crazy Civilian AI mod. I just acted as the middle man and bought the High traffic spawn rates of Traffic…

    November 30, -0001
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    Panau Winter Mod

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    Name: Panau Winter Mod Version: 1.3b Size: 31,887,360 Bytes     The download below is a link because the file is too large to upload to Just open the file in WinRar and go to the link provided in link.txt Story (For Fiction Lovers): -It's what you don't know that will kill you, as with the case of Baby Panay' Secret Weather Thermocontrol Base, located on a secret Island 120 miles from Panau. As Rico arrived, Baby Panay activated…

    November 30, -0001