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EnriksD8’s DLC Weapon Tweaks

Hello, I am back with another weapon mod, this time for the DLC Weapons! Now, I have played Just Cause 2┬áin its vanilla state with all the DLC installed. After testing out the DLC weapons, I can’t help but be disappointed at how some perform. So, after some careful modding with help from the guide […]

JustDoItNow’s “Little” Modpack

My personal little modpack.   This contains the following mods Those guys are tough – This does exactly that what the name says. It increases health of the enemy and also removes the possibility for them to carry handguns as it has been created with my Personal weapons tweaks. JustDoItNow’s Personal Weapon Tweaks – My […]

The Dread Signature Gun

Rico has always loved his signature gun. Now the Agency has developed an advanced version which can(optionally) create laser explosions. This modified version has greater damage, increased clip size but it has lower fire rate, as it’s AoE and damage is fairly big. It has also been renamed to “The Dread”. Basic non-laser explosion uses […]

EnriksD8’s Personal Weapon Tweaks

This is my personal weapon tweaking mod. Most of the weapons you can carry now have auto-aim and increased parameters (Including damage, magazine capacity, and range of the projectiles). Nothing too unrealistic has been added (Like making the revolvers shoot rockets and whatnot), so it doesn’t break the Hollywood feel Just Cause 2 has (Well, […]

Ultimate Pell Silverbolt 6

This is an redemption of my old mod “Super Pell Silverbolt 6”, because it was a great disaster. Now, i redone it with more game testings and less bugs. Credits to Mohamad for making the “Silverbolt Dragon (THE POWER OF FIRE & WIND)”, that is the base mod for doing this mod, but the skin […]

Island Insanity Pack

FIX -All Mods should work A surprisingly deadly arrangement of mods. Includes: Island in Chaos 3.5 (The best version in my opinion) HD texture pack with decals Black Security Ace’s Experiment (Awesome) And some other stuff I forgot Oh and anything that fires a missile of some sort is extremely dangerous (Check the explosions folder […]