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The black hero – compilation / mod pack

BE PREPARED TO BECOME A HERO ………. OR AN EPIC VILLAIN !   In this soft mod/compilation pack, you shall find all the needed tools to become a true legend :   – You will have a new skin : The black Hero – Press SHIFT and you will be as fast as the wind […]

Full Superman mod ! Fly, Sprint, Invincibility

EDIT:  Thanks for all the downloads!  -Evohei This Mod Is Made By: Evohei Steam Profile: evoevolution      YouTube Name: evoevolution This mod gives you a Superman player model. You will be able to fly. Instead of the parachute you can fly!!!  IT’S AWESOME!   Click “Shift” to gain speed while using parachute / Flying […]

Super fast parachute!!

with this mod, you will fly really fast, i made it be x30 faster. to go faster press shift