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“Piness” moon re-skin

Greetings again,fellow player!This time the moon re-skin in question is…Robotnik’s face… Yeah… Ah…hap-PINESS! is always so much more enjoyable…when it is based on the misery of millions!-Dr.Robotnik This thing(whatever it is) revolves around a meme almost nobody knows because shadowed by “Pingas”,an other mispronounciation by Long John Baldry,Dr.Robotnik’s voice actor in “The adventures of Sonic […]

Floating desembodied head of mario moon re-skin

And now,let me introduce you the floating Mario head from “Mario teaches typing 2”! Mario head : That’s grey!Imah gonna be the moon for yu!

Wat lady head moon re-skin

Greetings fellow player!Thank you for choosing this rather simple modification! This is…uhm…nothing too constructive,It’s just a hastly made moon replacement… Cheers -Damien