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Just Cause 2 Panau Police Mod

Hey Friends This Is Just Cause 2 Police Mod . In This Mod, You Are A Police And The Panau Police Wont Kill You. You Have Full Freedom In This Mod 

Just Cause 2 – Ultimate Modpack

Hello Stranger, Welcome, to the biggest modpack for Just Cause 2, I spent a lot of time to create it, so take your time to read the list down below Here’s a list of all the features in this modpack: Better Graphics: Updated Cloud System, Sky, Water Textures, Terrain Textures, Increased range of view, Some […]


Hey. I created one such useful thing here, which removes the army of Panau. There are two versions of the mod for different types of people. The first version leaves the army, but it simply ignores you (except military bases and missions). The second version completely removes the army of Panau (but there are some […]

Jalmarmy – Firetrucks everywhere!

Most fun I’ve had in ages! -a comment from an older version What does this mod do? Any traffic/heat spawned military and faction members drive firetrucks. Replace heat spawned military helicopters with flying firetrucks. Heatspawned boats are faster. They are also firetrucks. Also increases amount of police vehicles. Makes it somewhat harder, but much more […]