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JC2 Ultimate Modpack (Edited + Reupload)

Edited version of this mod (https://justcause2mods.com/mods/just-cause-2-ultimate-modpack/) with the walking system removed and some of the buggier addons removed. No panau police mod although it can easily be readded. Disable decals to stop some crashes, the ones which would cause crashes in the original addon are removed. All credit goes to the original mod makers.   […]

JC2 Modding Tools Pack

This is an modding tool pack for creating mods in JC2, includes a lot of programs and tools for the game, enjoy it.


HI guys this is my first mod for JC2 in this mod site. I really love this game & and wanted to make this as realistic as possible. I have combined many¬† mods and made a modpack. I edited many textures and other things to make them look better. I also made the game look […]

Island Insanity Pack

FIX -All Mods should work A surprisingly deadly arrangement of mods. Includes: Island in Chaos 3.5 (The best version in my opinion) HD texture pack with decals Black Security Ace’s Experiment (Awesome) And some other stuff I forgot Oh and anything that fires a missile of some sort is extremely dangerous (Check the explosions folder […]