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JC2 Ultimate Modpack (Edited + Reupload)

Edited version of this mod (https://justcause2mods.com/mods/just-cause-2-ultimate-modpack/) with the walking system removed and some of the buggier addons removed. No panau police mod although it can easily be readded. Disable decals to stop some crashes, the ones which would cause crashes in the original addon are removed. All credit goes to the original mod makers.   […]

Just Cause 2 – Ultimate Modpack

Hello Stranger, Welcome, to the biggest modpack for Just Cause 2, I spent a lot of time to create it, so take your time to read the list down below Here’s a list of all the features in this modpack: Better Graphics: Updated Cloud System, Sky, Water Textures, Terrain Textures, Increased range of view, Some […]

Ultimate Chaos Modpack

Please leave a comment down below for and mods you would like me to put in this modpack. This single mod is a mixture of many mods. Such as; The Complete Black Market(every vehicle and weapon) No Black Market Scene (when you place down the beacon, you are automatically in) The Island In Chaos Mod […]

ENINarmy Destruction modpack

I DONT MAKE THE MODS AND THE PATCH!I ONLY INSTALL IT INTO A MODPACK! This pack will include: White Ninja skin DLC(I’m not 100% sure if they work,but I think they work ) Flying mod (TIP:YOU CAN FLY IF YOU HOLD THE SPRINTING BUTTON IN THE AIR) INCREASED GRAPPLE RANGE & SPEED (sry caps) ALL […]