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Red Garett mod

FOLDER https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_jRjtePAQ_kJqB6zqUAStg?view_as=subscriber

JC2 Wingsuit Mod

With this mod you can have your always wanted wingsuit in JC2, this will allow you to fly through the map with almost no effort. (Warning: The texture for the wingsuit is still in progress).   Enjoy!

Texture Compilation

This MOD is a compilation of texture mods created by various modders. This mod contains the following: Bloom & Many Effects (Infx) – HD Clouds (Ineedascotch) – HD Moon+Stars (Disco619) – Improved Creatures (mrtt) – Lens Flare (warlordkyle) – Tropical waters (brett) – Castaway Rico Skin (Verhalthur)