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Ultimate Chaos Modpack

Please leave a comment down below for and mods you would like me to put in this modpack. This single mod is a mixture of many mods. Such as; The Complete Black Market(every vehicle and weapon) No Black Market Scene (when you place down the beacon, you are automatically in) The Island In Chaos Mod […]

Super Mod Combo

Hi. This Is a Mod Including the Following: Super Grappling Superman Flying Mod! God Mode FreeMarket All Unlocked and Free Market. Note: Some Things Cannot Be Hacked. “And So..?” It will not Be FREE. And.. This is My First Mod So be Polite.. OK?

Full Superman mod ! Fly, Sprint, Invincibility

EDIT:  Thanks for all the downloads!  -Evohei This Mod Is Made By: Evohei Steam Profile: evoevolution      YouTube Name: evoevolution This mod gives you a Superman player model. You will be able to fly. Instead of the parachute you can fly!!!  IT’S AWESOME!   Click “Shift” to gain speed while using parachute / Flying […]