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JustDoItNow’s “Little” Modpack

My personal little modpack.   This contains the following mods Those guys are tough – This does exactly that what the name says. It increases health of the enemy and also removes the possibility for them to carry handguns as it has been created with my Personal weapons tweaks. JustDoItNow’s Personal Weapon Tweaks – My […]

Government’s special research

For those, who always wondered if the President tried to enhance his soldiers. Lore: One day, the President, our beloved dwarf-sized, murderous Pandak Panay got an idea. He wanted to try his special genetical research, and intended to do the tests on his lesser government troops. So he got some squads called in, told them […]

2 KM grapple hook!

Downloading this mod can add more distance while grappling, faster getting there if you don’t want to use vehicles. I recommend downloading BOLOPatch v4 for better experience.

Island Insanity Pack

FIX -All Mods should work A surprisingly deadly arrangement of mods. Includes: Island in Chaos 3.5 (The best version in my opinion) HD texture pack with decals Black Security Ace’s Experiment (Awesome) And some other stuff I forgot Oh and anything that fires a missile of some sort is extremely dangerous (Check the explosions folder […]