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Nuclear Bomb

Guess what! I’m not illiterate! This is just an addition to the missile launcher that makes it extremely powerful.

Just Cause 3 Mod

[ENG] This mod replaces the jc2 textures with original jc3 textures. Also the explosions are bigger and the weapons shoots like in jc3.   [GER] Dieser Mod ersetz die Texturen aus jc2 mit originalen Jc3 Texturen. Außerdem sind die Explosionen größer und die Waffen schießen wie in Jc3.

Hell Grenade

A fire granade with a high impulse force (high damage opcional)

ENINarmy Destruction modpack

I DONT MAKE THE MODS AND THE PATCH!I ONLY INSTALL IT INTO A MODPACK! This pack will include: White Ninja skin DLC(I’m not 100% sure if they work,but I think they work ) Flying mod (TIP:YOU CAN FLY IF YOU HOLD THE SPRINTING BUTTON IN THE AIR) INCREASED GRAPPLE RANGE & SPEED (sry caps) ALL […]