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City Jeep Blue Digital Camo

This mod replaces the original Dalton N90 (Roaches Car) skin with a blue digital camo skin, nothing related to the car’s performance changed. I selected a blue camo because that vehicle is used only by the Roaches faction and blue is their color, the car is originally blue, but i wanted a camo in the […]

All cool mods in one.

Thank you for downloading firstly…. In this file you will find many useful mod in one file so you don’t have to download one by one. It includes nuclear bomb,Wingsuit,Unlimited Health and Ammo,Submarine Boat,Magic car,and many more……. Thank you ¬†Harsh Srivastav

The Nargonian Super Mod Pack

This is it. You wanted it, Now you got it. The perfect mod pack. Let’s Take a Look, shall we? THE FORCE/AIRZOOKA- All you gotta do is go tho the black market and grab a Bubble Gun. This mod makes it untextured, Making it invisible, Making it Awesome. It is just an air cannon. SUPER […]

Mindnight – Garret traver z

A invincible Garret Traver Z with black camo. pretty.


invencible, faster, armed with 2 miniguns and 1 rocket launcher. max upgrade adds 2 more miniguns

Sheldon Van | Asiimov

Just drop it into Dropzone folder. (if you having problem download this mod you can directly click this LINK ) PS: Still in Low Quality DDS, i`ll be Fix this soon