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Ultimate Pell Silverbolt 6

This is an redemption of my old mod “Super Pell Silverbolt 6”, because it was a great disaster. Now, i redone it with more game testings and less bugs. Credits to Mohamad for making the “Silverbolt Dragon (THE POWER OF FIRE & WIND)”, that is the base mod for doing this mod, but the skin […]

A Bape Rico

[REUPLOAD BECAUSE THE HOST MIGRATION DELETED THE TOPIC (I GUESS)] This is a BApe shark jacket skin I made during my free time. I thought it would be cool to share it 🙂 I used Myst’s “Alex Mercer” and Brinxster’s “Just Cause 3 Rico” skins and models as a base for my work. I remade […]

Camo Rico. Feel like a soldier!

Camo clothes for Rico