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    Rockets on planes/helicopters/cars fire 2

    Mini_guns fire 15 rounds per shot :)

    Comment if you thank if a gun is not that OP

    Lots of weapon upgrades to the rifle, sniper, minigun,revolver, Pistol,rocket launcher sawed-off shotgun all default weapons are modded :)

    C4 and frag not included i have no idea how to mod them :(

    The minigun is not the same when your holding it vs when its on a car or plane, the difference is when you hold it all 15 bullets come out as 1 shot,      but when its on a car or plane thay come out as 15 like a shot gun.

    Comment any ideas you have for the mod


    Ok the guns are accurate when you aim but not when you fire from the hip.

    and the grapple hook will do more damage to ppl and vehicles e.g(in you hit a car it will bounce and do 100 damage to it)

    This is my first mod to make/edit so cut me some slack

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