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    This mod adds a more powerful version of the Air Propulsion Gun, the Airzooka, and adds an opposite version, the Vacuumzooka. Both guns have near-infinite ammo and are one-handed, allowing you to dual-wield them. The Airzooka uses a blue version of the Air Propulsion Gun skin and the Vacuumzooka uses a red version.

    These two guns allow you suck or blow away all objects (a negative impact value (sucking) doesn’t affect people for some reason. The game doesn’t use negative impact values anywhere so I assume it’s not supposed to happen, usually). You can choose your own version depending on how powerful you want to be. There currently are six version:

    1. Original, range = 20, impact = 7.5 (just as powerful as the Air Propulsion Gun but one-handed and infinite ammo)
    2. Balanced, range = 80, impact = 7.5 (Powerful and fun, but not completely ridiculous)
    3. Default, range = 750, impact = 7.5 (Affects everything you can see. The range adds some extra punch, but it won’t send something incredibly heavy like a Barge flying)
    4. Invisible, same as default (Invisible weapon skins, now you can use the power of the force!)
    5. Powerful, range = 750, impact = 15 (Everything flies away instantly, but incredibly heavy things like a Barge still move slowly)
    6. Overkill, range = 750, impact = 35 (Even heavy things instantly fly away)

    The readme will explain how to make your own version.


    To install put the files in the dlc folder inside the Just Cause 2 install directory (if you don’t have a dlc folder, create one). The full path should look something like:

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause 2\dlc

    This mod overwrites the default Air Propulsion Gun and the Signature Gun. Please make a backup of these files if you have them.

    Please ask questions on the forum:

    V3.0: Started working on this mod again after three years, everything is completely redone in this version.

    Most comments are still about the old version. This version is compatible with weapon.bin and weapon_upgrades.bin mods because it no longer uses those and enemytypespawnsettings.bin is no longer needed to avoid enemies spawning with these guns. All those issues are fixed now

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