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    Download link below!! DO NOT USE THE DL LINK ON THE SITE!!





    (Click the name of what you want)

    Base File (ACU)

    To install Base File, put the files it in your archives_win32 folder.

    Variations (MUST HAVE ABOVE FILE!!)

    To install variations, place files in dropzone folder (create if you haven't already)

    Helmet + Ruck + Armor (NO POUCHES) - ACU Camo 

    Helmet + Ruck + Armor (pouches) - Multicam Camo


     Hot fixes:
    No Backpack. Will make a proper fix later, Just place the .dds  in your dropzone folder.

    Forum thread (USE TO COMMENT! You can only comment once atm)







    US ARMY Rico!


    -Armored Vest



    -ACU Camo





    Known Issues:
    Clipping. NOTHING I can do about this. The armor seems to be the most irritating, I can remove the armor and the front view will be fixed (when idle). And of course to fix the ruck clipping.. remove the ruck..





    Tool2Heal for the models

    FRX for models

    Gibbed for his wonderful tools


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