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    I didn't like the default stars, they are too dark. I used a star mod but, although the stars were brighter, they were also bigger and this felt unrealistic to me. So I made my own star mod, and I spent a lot of time on it to get a great result.  


    I brightened the stars without changing their size, and gave them a very subtle faint electric blue glow to add to their realism. You will see how that helps when you install it.

    Screenshots do not do this justice (especially seeing as I can only upload jpgs!) but in game, with the game's twinkle effects, this is, in my opinion, the most realistic and visually pleasing star mod.

     Give it a try! 


    N.B. This does not affect any other objects in the sky, including the moon. Can be used with any other mods, just overwrite the star_diff.dss file.  

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