Ultimate Pell Silverbolt 6

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  • description Description

    This is an redemption of my old mod "Super Pell Silverbolt 6", because it was a great disaster. Now, i redone it with more game testings and less bugs. Credits to Mohamad for making the "Silverbolt Dragon (THE POWER OF FIRE & WIND)", that is the base mod for doing this mod, but the skin and the speed and armor modifiers were made by me.


    • Invincibility (except for crashes and water contact)
    • Don't move when receiving explosions
    • Don't deforms when taking damage, keeping his elegancy and good appearance
    • Black Camo skin
    • Increased Speed
    • 2 Miniguns + 1 Autocannon
    • Boosters now have a smoke trail instead of the normal boost effect
  • speaker_notes Installation

    1-Download the the .zip file

    2-Extract the files inside the .zip file

    3-Create the "dropzone" folder inside your game directory

    4-Put the extracted files in the "dropzone" folder

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