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    With Panau secured and Panay deposed, the Agency has turned its full force towards commencing operations. Complements of Agents are being unloaded every day, increased transit has occured as a result of the oil wells beginning to be drilled, and Rico has been declared commander of operations. However, the oppression and exploitation of Panau has swelled the Faction ranks to a considerable size, and the three have formed a coalition to take back their country. Thus Rico, armed with the military and his considerable skill, must crush the rebels once and for all.


    This is my first mod pack (In fact, it is my first submission) so I apologize for it being a bit underdeveloped and glitchy. This mod makes you a member of the police. Panau is at war, and when you attack a roaming reaper convoy or a fleet of helicopters, HORDES come in to attack you, so the spawn type and rate for non-heat soldiers was modified to have 2 to 4 soldiers instead of one to two.


    Just unzip the folder and copy 'Dropzone' into your Just Cause 2 folder. I guarantee that this will conflict with some mods, so I recommend using it standalone.


    Join the Black Security by Warveterinarian.

    Parts of Extreme Heat to edit military spawn types by Prof Farnsworth.

    Air traffic, player resistance, grappling speed and strength files  from 'Miscellaneous S***bag' by the Spirit Fox.

    Civilians Will Not Flee From Their Vehicles by -pk-.

    NOCAC by Whitestar.



    Well, that's pretty much it. Enjoy!

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