Triggered Explosion & Air pistol 2.2

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    Triggered Explosion mod by H1Vltg3
    Air pistol and Vacuum revolver 2.2 mod by meteoorkip

    I just combined this two awsome mode, i use the BOLO patch for the Grapple hook(so it isn't included) , and i didn't find a mod with Triggered explosion and the air gun , and VACUUM mod so the 2.2 version in one weapons.bin file, i found on the internet how to do it, if someone haven't done this fusion yet, just download it, i tested it , it works fine.
    Just create a "Dropzone" folder, and copy and paste the files from the .rar to it(or if you have a folder just paste the files ) 

    Note: - the weapons are invisible(it's like a supernatural power)
              - you shouldn't save your game on your previous data, because if you uninstall or overwrite   the files it crash , so save on Slot 2 :))
               - if you save it the vacuum revolver doesn't remain(it has the air pistol effect so you must rechange it)
               - the first explosion with c4 mod has a bug(the timing isn't perfect) but only the first time

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