TrainerV2, 40+ features (Modmenu) /Team Isolate

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    This a new TrainerV2, 40+ features you canĀ  do, you can also make everything free and earn money really fast, there's alot of features in this ''modmenu'' that i love myself! - Please give me feedback on our new TrainerV2. :)

  • event_note Changelog

    Here's our brand new TrainerV2, hope you like it!

    -Updated Unlimited parachute jetpack, as requested

    -Updated Unlimited ammo (rockets)

    -Updated Unlimited Fire bolts

    -Updated DLC Cars, Jet plane's

    -Updated Teleport added, as requested

    -Updated Superman mode with explosives, as requested

    -Updated Added our new 100% game save, as requested

    V3 pack, coming soon.

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