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    Changes traffic patterns in the game world

    UPDATE v3: 

    -Returned plane spawn to v1 amount

    -added "URGA" and "armored transport" to road spawn

     UPDATE v2:

    -added all DLC vehicles to spawn in game world as well as several others

    -decreased amount of plane spawns from previous version and altered plane heights

    -increased amount of ped spawns

    -decreased amount of boat spawns

    -Increased ped draw distance



    -increased spawn rate and amount (more air traffic)

    -all plane types spawn (except agency and dlc)

    -altered speeds and height

    Land Vehicles:

    -Increased spawns (a little, too much crashes the engine)

    -Increased draw distance (less pop-in)

    -Added vehicles to road spawn (firetruck, super large truck)


    -Increased spawn rate and amount

    -Increased spawn type amount (eg. the barge spawns more often)


    -Increased spawn amount of some types


    As always, extract to "dropzone" folder.


    To Do:

    -increase speed of world vehicles

    -update spawn patterns

     Please direct all questions to the FORUM THREAD

    Any bugs, please post in the forum.

    Please do not upload anywhere else and give credit if used.



    Prof. Farnsworth

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