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    Dongtai Agriboss 35 Tractor Climbing Mod by Xmillsa
    (Im assuming thats the correct name)

    So, simply put, this mod allows the tractor to drive up almost vertical walls.


    About 80 degrees and above, it may struggle/completely fail, its not spider car.

    Just extract the file to your Dropzone folder inside Just Cause 2 and start climbing mountains in your tractor :D

    //-- Note --//
    I highly recommend using a "no stunt cam mod".
    For some reason driving up mountains/hills at high angles is thought of as a stunt and the camera likes to go underneath the vehicle and you cant see...

    Q. What does it do?
    A. Allows the vehicle to climb almost vertical walls.

    Q. Whats the point in that? ...
    A. Who doesn't want a tractor that climbs walls?!
    Ok, ok... there isn't really any point at all.

    Q. Any side effects?
    A1. Higher friction on wheels causes the handbrake to be an almost instant stop.
    A2. Also no drifting, who drifts in tractors anyway?
    A3. Rolling the vehicle becomes harder, helps with driving on mountain sides.
    A4. Center of gravity has been lowered on the vehicle, helps keep it stuck to a mountain.
    A5. Slightly more powerful engine(no it's not faster), for more umph to get up those walls.
    A6. You'll get annoyed when falling down mountains because of that small rock in your way :D

     My first mod, hope it works for everyone.

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