TonUp Pack v 2.0

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    Enjoy! It's full of the best motorcycles ever designed (by me) :)


    After the first Top Up pack I submitted, I spent some time getting to the bottom of the secrets of better handling.

    Those bikes will now be manoeuvrable under the harshest circumstances. If you keep the throttle down every now and then, you'll be able to cruise through the panauan landscape until you've ridden every possible mile. Plus,  there's no mountain it won't climb immediately.

     So go and test them. Surprisingly, the handling is so sweet the AI entities I fitted with bikes (= the factions and the military both only patrol on motorcycles) get deadly fast without crashing and dying all the time (which they previously used to - see thumbnail).

    So this pack contains five nearly unwreckable, fast-as-sh"t bikes: the lave.007 series (classic MC, military, heavy and sport bike) and the motocross-bike (whose handling I didn't have to improve.

    Click on the link below and you know what you're in for!!! =)

    Start your engines


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