The Nargonian Super Mod Pack

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    This is it. You wanted it, Now you got it. The perfect mod pack. Let's Take a Look, shall we?

    THE FORCE/AIRZOOKA- All you gotta do is go tho the black market and grab a Bubble Gun. This mod makes it untextured, Making it invisible, Making it Awesome. It is just an air cannon.

    SUPER CAR-Grab a Super Sportscar from the Black Market. This thing is a BEAST, with invincibility, the ability to FLOAT, Super Speed, And the ability to........CLIMB WALLS!! Well not Walls walls... anyting under a 90 Degree Angle. But it's still awesome.

    FLYING- This is the most useful mod you will ever use, GUARANTEED. This mod replaces the Parachute for a Flying ability. Just press space while falling to fly. You can speed up by holding Shift

    SUPER SPEED- So... Its A really fast sprint. That's it. Moving on.

    And Finally.....THE BLACK MARKET MOD- This mod puts absolutely everything imaginable into the Black Market. And everything's Free. Go wild.

    I should probably Mention that these are NOT original, but have been tweaked to all work together well

    I also recomend having BoloPatch.

    Well that's it. Go CRAZY. Cause some CHAOS. GET WILD

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    All of these mods have been tweaked so that you can easily delete anything you don't like.

    Just download the pack to your Dropzone*, Extract it, And have fun.


    If it doesn't work, try taking the individual mods out of the Mod Pack Folder, and put them strait in the Dropzone folder.

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