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    I'm Back! I have been working on this mod for a while and decided to put it on JC2mods. Soooo, Lets see what we have here: Epic Clouds, Epic Footprints, Epic Bullet Marks, Epic Blood, Epic Dirt Roads, Partly Epic Asphalt Roads, Epic Cars, Epic Outlined Skid Marks, Epic Birds, Epic Fish, Epic Bugs, Epic Moon, Epic Sun, Epic Stars, Epic Race Flag, Epic Water Bump, Epic Wire, Epic Leaves, Epic North Compass Thing, Epic Pell Silverbolt Black Market Picture. Just so you know the Epic Footprints are only in snow, maybe dirt. And somehow the cars have faded Epic Faces on them. Have an Epic time with your Epic Pack! Sorry no Pictures, I will add them later. I figured out why the cars have Epic Faces on them. Because of the dirt on the road that sticks to the cars.Wink

    New! Epic Glass Bullet Holes, And Epic Car Bullet Holes!


    Thanks to smileymaster100 for this video Look at his 2nd video.
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