The Dread Signature Gun

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  • description Description

    Rico has always loved his signature gun. Now the Agency has developed an advanced version which can(optionally) create laser explosions.

    This modified version has greater damage, increased clip size but it has lower fire rate, as it's AoE and damage is fairly big.

    It has also been renamed to "The Dread".

    Basic non-laser explosion uses grenade one for the laser one to work properly.

    Used Gibbed's tools to extract and Notepad++ to edit.

    You must own the "Signature gun" DLC to use this!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Place the files in "Somewhere/Just Cause 2/dlc" while ->Somewhere<- is going to be directory of where your game is installed at.

    If you don't own the DLC required, i shall say: Don't Use!. :)

  • event_note Changelog

    No things planned in future unless asked for.

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