Switchable 1st-Person Camera

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    made by CoconutFred with code 'borrowed' from Kaii



    1.Extract camera_settings.bin to steam\steamapps\common\just cause 2\dropzone\    (make one if it doesn't exist)

    2.Press C to enter first person mode

    3. Have fun!


    Known bugs:

    -You will sometimes turn invisible. Yeah annoying, but it's better than blocking the camera in 1st person
    -You can't always enter 1st person mode
    -Camera will sometimes get 'stuck'


    Credit and thanks go to Prof_Farnsworth for his first person parachute mod, Kaii for his JC2 FPS mod (which I shamelessly unlocked), and justcause2mods.com. Special thanks to you, the player.

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