Swiss Air Force Pilatus Warbird

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    The plane that shoots the holes in swiss cheese


    Well, I woke up this morning and Switzerland was covered in snow. Fair enough, I designed a Swiss Air Force warbird after the Pilatus. Their flying skills are reputatedly high, as flying through the Alps is quite something you have to master. The air force here even operates from air force bases built in the very mountains (kinda like in JC2 on Cape Carnival, where Harrier jets fly out of tunnels)

     This alpine eagle is built on VoxBox13's amazing beefed-up warbird Airhawk: it's vicious, nasty and outflies even bullets, me thinks!

    This plane is sweet like swiss chocolate, moves swiftly with the stealth of a secret swiss bank account, revvs neatly and efficiently like a swiss watch. It's the swiss army knife amongst the plane mods.

    As I mentioned on the Navy-Skin for the Airhawk, its speed (measured 720 km/h) makes it a perfect weapon for he who can master its tricky sides:

    • its STOL abilities : it will take off almost immediately because of its torque. You can't land it without crashing. Or can't you? You have to perform an emergency watering, real pilot style (that's how realistic that game can be). I couldn't make it crash-resistant but it can take a bump, so hold the Ctrl-key to keep the throttle down, and tilt it so one wing touches the ground at a 45° angle. The plane will yaw suddenly, but if you keep the Ctrl-key down until it stops, you've landed! It's like with skiing, get it? (and we're back to skiing paradise Switzerland) Thus, it will only need 5 meters max to stop. STOL. Don't know it? Google it up =)
    • Its torque... again. If you keep the full throttle, it will roll to the right.I guess it's the momentum. I can't correct itthrough the buoyancy of the wings, because it would affect the handling once you let the throttle go (it will still outfly any Jumbo Jet or Harrier). Once you get used to correcting the rolling of the plane, you will be able to get used to it... or even use it. It will be then as reliable a plane as the Swiss Franc ;)

     Now try it and enjoy that Edelweiss!

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