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    Modified and balanced the original mod.

    1. No shooting or throwing grenades while flying - Makes planes/helis with guns useful again. In the original mod, you could go 1v1 against a helicopter. That was too strong and gamebreaking IMO.

    2. No grappling - No need for it anymore. Was used to gain speed when using parachute. But now you are actually flying.

    3. Removed Fast flying - Normal is fast enough and more balanced (BUT if you really want the faster alternativ, use the DLC folder from the original mod. They are compatible)

    4. Damage on impact - Now you will actually get hurt if you ram into a building or tree. For realism sake.

    5. Fixed some animation.

    People new to this mod - Go into parachute mode and then use LEFT SHIFT to fly forward on keyboards and RIGHT BUMPER on xbox360 controls.

    Many thanks to powerslave212 for the original mod


    Install instruction:
    Drop all files into your dropzone folder.

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