Super Para-Thruster with original parachute replacer

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    This addon modifies the parachute rocket from the DLC to allow you to fly super fast/or faster without restrictions.


    New version allows you to use the pack at start! no more buying from the black market!

    should you want the chaos parachute version (requires that DLC..) check buzzkills addon.




    Super Fast Version



     Normal speed


    - Unlimited Fuel

    - Super Fast and "normal" versions

    -Free (blackmarket) versions included

    There are slight issues, 

     -doesn't work for all users. I am working on a solution, please PM me if you have a steam account and are willing to let me fix the problem in any way i can

    -Camera is odd. Easy to fix, someone needs to add a camera adjustment for the parachute.

     -the trail is "distorted" or too long, cannot fix.. i think...

    -sound bugs.  fixed


    Place PC_120.arc and inside your Justcause2/dlc folder.

    Place the player.bin from the archive into your dropzone to make the para thruster there by default (no need to purchase from black market)

    Play and enjoy!

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    edit1: uploaded uncompressed version.. hope the compressed didn't cause any issues.

    edit2: uploaded a slower version for zenin

    edit3: soundbug and other issues fixed. Enjoy

    edit4: added "super" speed mode, corrected the old one.

    edit5: I changed the location to player, as the link on front page is broken..

    edit6: (by zenin) moved to gameplay mods, fixed homepage link. 

    edit7: added a video

    edit8: added free black market versions. Normal is slightly faster than "normal" so you can go straight up (only free black market version)

    edit9: Fixed blackmarket free versions. I forgot to convert the xml to bin.. lol.

    edit10: see top


    it seems it may work with legit versions as well. This isn't our problem, it's Avalanches fault for not making it work the way it should


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