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                                      Super Military APC


    This is a mod i made that replace the military apc with a super military apc :D





    So ... REMEMBER THAT THIS IS THE 1003 RAIDER ( You can get it in zxz`s black market ) AND NOT 1007 STONEWALL ( Actually this mod replace them both but you can get it in

    zxz`a black market.





    4 rocket launchers : 2 on the cannon and 2 on the sides

    1 cannon : LIke the 1007 Stonewall

    3 miniguns : 1 in the top of the cannon and 2 near the sides rocket launcher

    1 hidden minigun : It is inside the cannon ( not included in 1007 stonewall ). You can get in it normaly :) ( so the game will not get stuck at stronholg missions )

    All weapons are 180 degrees rotationable





    voxbox13 - for inspiring me to make this mod ^^. ( This mod wouldn`t be today here if voxbox wasn`t telling me about the 2 military APCs )

    _Gascan_ - for his screenshot that gave me an idea 


    Please don`t upload this mod anywhere else and if you do please give credits




     I updated the mod :). Now it includes the invincible version... Made by request...


    If you use invincible version make sure you disable it for strongholds cause panau army uses military APCs and they are invincible as well... Also they are invincible wherever they are ( panau army may use it on the roads ). So be carefull what you want ;). It includes both versions :D( invincible/normal )


    Thanks :D 


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