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    This is my firts mod :|, i made it so the mg does 999 more damage and now you can blow things up fast >:D GO POWN and id like maybe atleast 50 downloads by next week cause this is my first mod any how i would put up a vid but idk how so just screen shots you can blow up mostly anything exept things that are realy strong that only a missle or mounted gun can do. i got boerd and made this i am 45% done with game and i wanted to blow things up faster

    Thank you its been 1 day and i already have 25 download :)

    now i am happy to make a assualt pack for the assualt rifle i just need you guys to request that to happen

    (V2) IS iN-i just got done puting the patch in :) makes only the mg in your hands do more damg and the enemys sry for that but theres not much eilites intill you get to like 50% done but at the point you want the game harder >:D


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