Super G9 Eclipse, 14 miniguns and 16 Rockets (also Invincible and Underwater)

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    v.1.0 This is the super G9 it has 14 miniguns, 16 rocketlaunchers and the autocannons.

    v.1.1 Now added Invincible version choose the one you want.

    v.1.2 Now the Underwater version is ready and again choose the one you want.

    Have fun blowing everything up! :D

    If you have any questions go here  thx. Also I'll post updates there.

    Here are some airports that have G9. This is for those who say "It doesn't work" YES IT DOES WORK! But you need blackmarket mod to get the plane to blackmarket and if you don't want an blackmarket mod then search these coordinates.

    X: 28392 Y: 5696

    X: 22141 Y: 23264

    X: 4486 Y: 21188 

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