Super Beefed Stealth Weaponized agency plane/ silverbolt V2.1

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    you know when you see multiple mods of one thing but you actually want them all( or at least a few) I know how it feels, so here it is: The Super Beefed Stealth Weaponized Silverbolt (SBSWS).

    credits to:

    Kudoku for weaponizing:

    Golfman560 for beefing this thing up:

    Buzz-kill for stealth skin:

    and myself for finding the differences between the files and editing them to be more awesome

    If you have something you would like to see added just leave a comment with a link to what you like to see added. 
    new in v2:
    added another skin, would you like your skin in it, leave a comment.
    cranked up the power a bit more to be better then thrusters. 
    Due to a strange error you are not able to control the aircraft 
    EDIT #2:
    The loss of control is because of underwater mod
    EDIT #3:
    fixed the controls
    new abilities:
    both weapons working again!
    you are finally able to control the plane again! 
    EDIT #4:
    made it stable 
    has underwater mod (YES IT DOES!) 

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