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     The first version, showed above, has been made by iNeverYouNow, and this was done from scratch, and not from his download. Anyone can edit this but you [i]MUST[/i] reference the above link and calling it the original (like my example has been shown) and showing this page's link as Remake.


    50% credit goes to iNeverYouNow for the main idea, 50% to me for making a slightly better version (from scratch).


    [b]Notes you should consider[/b]

    -On one side, it says "Steam Airlines" clearly and very well, but on the other side of the tail wing, it's all messed up, this is why I'm allowing anyone to edit it so that they can fix it or make their own version referencing me & iNeverYouNow.

     (To get a picture of the Steam Logo, you must...well, go to google images. Here's the one I used, and if you level the Pink/Blue out correctly when editing you can make it glow, like I did! (It glows in the dark))


    Steam Logo



    -Added two pictures, SA1 shows the original side, SA2 shows the side that won't let me fix it.

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