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    Well... here is MY first mod the Sporty Buggy


    The original Dune Buggy is kind of boring so I decided to mod it a little bit

    • MUCH heavier => MUCH more fun with pulling things around
    • Faster.....much faster indeed
    • MUCH more grip for better handling and better hill climbing
    • Invincible
    • Floats on water (although its not controllable once it hits water) 
    • Handbrake stops you instantly (its more like an anchor ;) )

    This is still a "work-in-progress" so please mind that this isn't an optimal setup. I tried to keep it steerable but also as fast as possible.

    Planed: Texture Mod, Weapons, better handling, better transmission, better hill climbing.  But I need YOUR ideas and opinions


    So please try and comment this Sporty Buggy :)


    ChangeLog V_0.2

    • Tuned the center of mass (thanks to 42haybails)
    • Tuned tire mass
    • Removed some unimportant parts (who needs wipers.....or lights ;D )
    • Started with some texture mods (light-masks / hood mod)
    • Replaced tires/rims with the ones from the APC
    • Tuned tire-size
    • Tuned suspension (now fitting to the bigger tyres)


    (Please excuse if my English might be bad, but I'm from Germany) 

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