Slightly amphibious SV-1003 APC

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    So I feel the SV-1003 should've been amphibious in the first place, so I made a few modifications.

    1. Yes, it floats. I think that's pretty obvious.

    2. It's a tad faster than it's unmodified counterpart.

    3. It's got moar mass and it's more heavily armoured (to combat some pretty pimpin' bouncin' goin' on).

    1. If it doesn't exist already, create a folder called "dropzone" (no quotes) in your Just Cause 2 directory, i.e. C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\just cause 2
    2. copy the lave.v016_military_apc.eez file to the "dropzone" folder
    3. start Just Cause 2, and either used a hacked black market, or look around a military base for an SV-1003

    Driving hints:
    -Be very careful as to where you're aiming when you hit the water, because you have ZERO directional control once all wheels are in the water.
    -If you hit the water at too steep of an angle, you'll get thrown from the APC, which will then go bouncing along the surface of the water.
    -Your speed slowly decreases (and the throttle does nothing to speed you up), so if the shore you're aiming at is too far away, you'll get stranded.

     Have fun dicking around.

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