Silverbolt Monster

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    Silverbolt Monster

    Addons: 3rd version, Increased speed.

    Updates: 3rd version without weapons, Increased speed was added.

    Weapons: 9 SAM sites, 12 bullseyes or 12 flak cannons, 4 alternate rocket launchers.

    Skin color: Orange Tiger with carbon fiber specs.

    3 Versions of this airplane, The bullseye version works best with a bullseye mod,  Flames for rear jets while idle & taking off or landing, Lock-On SAMSite missiles, Decreased SAMSite range due to the fire wait time, SAMSite will shoot four missiles at a time and this aircraft has 9 SAMSites so that's 9x4=36 missiles per shot,  Dual thrusters, RARE Flak cannon gun barrels with the flak cannons version, Increased speed, Unbreakable mod only changes the damage values. You can't damage this aircraft.


    Installation: extract .eez to dropzone

    Installation: extract .bin to dropzone


    Credit: "Notepad++" is what i used to edit the codes, "voxbox13" For the tiger skin, "Gibbed Tools" because it's what i used to edit the files needed & "Paint.NET" because it's what i used to edit the skin.

    Note: Due to the 9 SAMSites, this aircraft is heavy while maneuvering.

    Any adds and or updates will be posted.

    Please leave feedback below upon this mod.

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