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     UPDATE 2.2:

    -Changes gear ratios and rpms, and wheel torque.

    -Increased damage resistance.

    -Increased grip, still drifts amazingly well with increased traction so its easier to recover and get going again. 


    This is a more accurate pro version of the Metro ST Driftking, I kept the first becuase it is more user friendly and easier to learn how to drive.

    Thanks to Rocky5 for the Carbon Fiber Hood. 

    WARNING: This mod requires a controller with triggers for delicate acceleration, this car is meant for the track with open roads and high speeds. It is hard to drive when first starting, I made it for realism and race enthusiasts.

    PC Users: This does not work without a controller, like a real car you have to be able to break your tires from the ground to drift so a trigger is closet to a gas pedal, you achieve higher torque with more rpm so pressing the trigger all the way with break the tires free in a turn or using one of the two in game braking systems. Using keyboard is like getting in a car and "flooring" it all the time to drive. If someone wants to use my model to compare variables in how i made the car more realistic and mod their own for a pc keyboard then by all means.

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