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    This Y250S has been upgraded substantially. I havent driven faster cars but heard that it was usually faster acceleration but not higher top speed. The only cosmetically changed thing about this is the Nicki-Minaj-ass-wide tires off of the Boyd Fireflame. This bad boy has had transmission work done to increase its top speed as well as increased chassis stiffness and six-piston brakes from a Porsche 911 (Not really), but upgraded as well to help it stop on a dime. Due to the transmission work the last gear slowly accelerates to high rpm but just give the turbos a bit of time to spool up and you will be gone quicker than Nicholas Cage in the 67 Fastback. Work was done to the friction,mass and spin threshold to allow the rider the ability to give it wide-open throttle in the turns without spinning out and going 200 mph backwards into a tree or simply giving up on life and falling off, 95.8% of the time..... Hope you all enjoy; if there are any complications you notice while riding let me know and Ill be happy to try and figure them out, this is my first mod so go easy on me.

    Be careful as going this fast on the bike and hitting a car will explode it and kill you half the time. With great power comes great responsibility.


    To install, simply download the rar file, open it up like a christmas present using Winrar or other simliar programs and drop the .eez file into your dropzone.


    Alchemic Juggernaut

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