SABOT Slug Shotguns and Pump Action Shotgun (no spread!)

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    So I decided to fix the shotguns up a little bit. As we all know, the two handed shotgun was weak at best when firing at range, and the sawnoff shotgun was basically useless. What I've done is modified both weapons so that they now fire SABOT style "slug" ammunition. What this means is that there is no more shot spread and you are free to do the maximum damage the gun can do, all the way to max range. 

    I've tested them out and they actually feel quite balanced with the other guns now. They feel useful.

    I've also reduced the "magazine" size of the sawnoff shotgun because it has two damn barrels, and no amount of upgrading is going to change that. You can choose to take the realistic sawnoff capacity or not, I've provided files for each option. Dual wielding sawnoffs and maining a two handed shotgun, you can roll with a "long range attack and short range rush" type setup, since a click of two buttons with the sawnoffs will now kill anything with a pulse, at least when upgraded to level 4 and over.

    Lastly, I've included a pair of weapon_upgrades.bin files which reduce the magazine size of the shotgun to 1, effectively making it pump action. This feature is in beta.

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