Rowlinson K22 Ambush

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    Rowlinson K22 Ambush
    by voxbox13
    IMPORTANT: You need to UPGRADE this vehicle for the weapons to show-up.
    (Sorry - I'll try to fix this sometime in the future.)

    Faster and more maneuverable.
    With some added weapons to give it punch!

    2 Rocket Launchers under the belly.
    2 Real MiniGuns under the nose.

    Get in & get out of enemy zones FAST
    and do some damage while you're there.


    Version 1.0

    Increased Speed
    + Much faster now.

    Increased Damage Resistance
    + It'll take a while, but it's not invincible.

    Added Weapons:
    + 2 Rocket Launchers
    + 2 MiniGuns

    I removed the 2 Guns the Upgraded K22 uses.
    (I don't like their sound.)

    Standard Skin


    Please post questions / suggestions here:
    (Because I can only post ONE reply below.)



    Unpack the .zip file
    Place the .eez file in dropzone
    Shake well before using
    Rinse and repeat


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