Rowlinson K22 (Agency) Heli with Autocannon

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    This mod was inspired by Bering 130 Xtreme by NoiZ. I found flying around with one of these cannons was fun, but lacked the precision and agility of a heli.

    Thus I created this mod, there are 2 versions:

    Just cannon addition - default agency (Rowlinson K22) heli with an extra autocannon in 2nd weapon slot.

    Cannon + speed - same as above with boosts to engine power/acceleration and handling. (speed only comes into effect when fully upgraded)

    Also included is a copy of weapons.bin with both changes for this mod and Triggered Bombs V2, for the great many who use that too.

    This is my first (and rather small, I might add) mod, please feel free to leave comments/suggestions below. Thanks and enjoy!

    Thanks to NoiZ for Bering 130 Xtreme mod, from which I learned to create this.

    Update: Reverted the extreme damage on the rocket launcher to vanilla values. Rocket launcher still triggers huge explosion animation, but the damage/range is normal.

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