Rico’s Signature Grenade Launcher and optional reskin!

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    Here is a short video of the gun in action:
    Since Rico's Signature Gun has a grenade launcher underneath it, I decided to unlock that capacity by turning it into a grenade launcher. Included is an optional reskin that I created specifically for this mod, and four different explosion effects. I have also included an option to take only the skin and leave Rico's Signature Gun in it's otherwise original state. I've also changed the name of the gun in-game to make it look and feel
    a bit better.

    The four explosion effects are:
    -Regular Grenade Launcher grenade with normal smoke trail
    -Regular Grenade Launcher grenade with a rocket trail
    -Cluster bomb with normal smoke trail
    -Cluster bomb with a rocket trail

    This mod works well with mods that make Rico's Signature Gun free in the blackmarket, such as the one at this
    link: http://www.justcause2mods.com/mods/other/Black-Market/DLC-items-free-to-purchase-in-Blackmarket/

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